Meeting & Process Facilitation

I am a skilled facilitator with experience leading complex multi-stakeholder events, meetings and processes. I have facilitated the founding meetings of the global PKU association (July 2017) and the Canadian Coalition to Reform HIV Criminalization (November 2016). I hosted the Drug Pricing Policy Summit in November 2016 and 2017, a patient education event co-hosted by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, the Ontario Schizophrenia Society and the Save your Skin Foundation.


As a part-time instructor at the University of Ottawa and as a community educator, I have developed and delivered over 200 classes and workshops. I have worked with women’s groups, youth groups, patient groups, frontline service providers, students and researchers to offer engaging learning activities on a range of topics, from participatory evaluation to communicating more effectively with health-care providers.

In 2015, I redesigned and offered a two-day workshop on group facilitation skills to community-based organizations in Montreal and Francophone groups in Ontario. Through group-building activities and games, participants worked to identify and share best practices in support group facilitation and educational workshop delivery. I enjoy exploring innovative and arts-based approaches to event and group facilitation.

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I have facilitated the work of regional and national committees using online platforms, teleconferences and in-person meetings and I have organized over 40 national, regional and local events. In this context, my responsibilities included identifying and building partnerships with key stakeholders; facilitating the work of planning committees; developing funding proposals; liaising with participants, speakers, volunteers and funders; and overseeing communications and event logistics.