My Profile


I am a friendly and adaptable person with a range of experiences and skills. I enjoy collaborating with individuals and communities of diverse backgrounds to identify shared issues and practical solutions.

I love to learn. After completing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, I shifted to the study of communication, earning an MA from Concordia University in Montreal and a PhD from the University of Calgary. More recently, I have taken courses on accessibility issues through Ryerson University and a number of applied workshops in social media, WordPress and podcasting.

I am highly organized and able to adapt easily to new groups and environments. I am fascinated by participatory and accessible work processes and driven by a fundamental commitment to social inclusion and justice.

I was born and raised in Montreal and I have lived in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and West Africa (Accra and Niamey). I have facilitated groups and organized projects at national, regional and local levels. These experiences have allowed me to explore and work in much of the vast and beautiful country that is Canada, though there is still much of it left to discover. 

I am fascinated by language and fluently trilingual (English, French and Spanish). In my free time, I enjoy swimming, walking, camping, music from the 70s and anything having to do with food.